We exploit the scattering of visible light to resolve complex fiber structures in biological tissues. To this aim, we have developed a new imaging technique called Computational Scattered Light Imaging (ComSLI) which allows to disentangle densely interwoven fiber pathways with micrometer resolution. While other techniques require dedicated equipment and time-consuming raster-scanning of the tissue, ComSLI can be performed with standard optical components (LED light source and camera), providing fiber orientational information for all image pixels in parallel with high resolution. As ComSLI does not need any tissue staining/labeling and is solely based on light scattering on fibrous structures, it can be applied to various tissue types. This makes ComSLI a highly promising and versatile imaging technique, opening up many fields of research.

We are setting up a high-quality system for ComSLI and develop novel measurement procedures and data analysis tools to reveal unprecedented structural information in the brain and other biological tissues. The lab focuses on various research projects.

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